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The Rising Popularity of Meat Alternatives in Europe - Part 1

Insights from the MSU Global Food Law Conference

How the Lowly Mushroom is Becoming a Nutritional Star

If sugar is so bad for us, why is the sugar in fruit OK?

The Value of Indexing for Accelerating Research

Super Taster vs. Non Taster: Does it Matter for Your Health?

Food Matters Live 2017

Five Claims about Coconut Oil Debunked

Most milk substitutes are low in iodine - here's why it matters

Gut Feelings: The gut-brain axis and mental health

Health Check: can chopping your vegetables boost their nutrients?

Edible Insects – The Food of the Future?

Food Trends in India

Does a healthy diet have to come at a hefty price?

Why buy local food?

Why go dairy free?

Interview with Briony Mansell-Lewis, Director of Food Matters Live

Introduce eggs and peanuts early in infants' diets to reduce the risk of allergies

The votes are in: top 7 regulatory challenges for North America’s Food Industry today

Adulteration of Spices – it’s just “nut” right.

Water - much more than H2O

How to Achieve Sustainable Clean Water for Everyone

Is Food Labelling the Best Communication Tool for Protecting Consumers?

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

5 Ways Librarians Can Use Social Media Effectively

Food Fraud Costs the Global Food Industry $10-15 Billion Annually

We Love Ready Meals … But What are They Doing to Our Health?

Dieting: is it Really Worth the Sacrifice?

Understanding Your Child’s Appetite is Key to Preventing Obesity in Later Life

Why Are We Wasting So Much Food?

Are Seed Vaults the Key to Food Security?

Gluten-Free Diets. Are They a Fad?

Foreign Bodies

Plant Waste May Find a Place at the Table

Colouring Foods – Naturally Brightening Up Food

Good Gut, Good Health?

One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison

Reducing Meat Consumption for Sustainability

Is Stevia a Trend or the Answer?

Pet Treats

Iodine Deficiency and the Developing Brain

The Hidden Threat in Plant Foods

Nanotechnology – Not a Big Deal?

Taking the Fat Out of Processed Foods

3D Printing: Shaping the Future of Food

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Heavy Metals in the Food Chain: Could They Be Harming Your Health?

Foraging for Food Security

The Sustainable Food Packaging Revolution

A Matter of Taste – The Neuropsychology of Flavour Perception

How Does Food Affect Sleep?

A Matter of Taste – The Genetics of Flavour Perception

Do Organic Food Consumers Really Know What They’re Buying?

Is Ritual Slaughter a Problem for Meat Eaters?

Top Tips on Developing Healthier Products

Confused About Sugar?

Engineering Sustainability – The Quest for a Novel Source of Omega-3

Burn Fat!

What are the Superheroes of a Healthy Diet?

What is the Best Diet for Losing Weight?

American Libraries: Viva la Revolución!

How Do You Make a Healthier Product?

Improving Discoverability

Getting the Healthy Eating Message Across

Nordic and Mediterranean Approach

Three Years After the Fukushima Disaster, Japan Still Faces Concerns Over Food Safety

Fox Hair! Duck Feathers? Chicken Anus!?

A Little Bit of What You Fancy...

Hot Food Topics: The New Year Round-Up

Transforming Research Library Services

What Does the New Year Have in Store?

Saturated Fat, How Much is Too Much?

Healthy Drinks

Healthy Eating: 10 Nutrition Tips for Eating Right

2013 IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey: Full Analysis

2013 IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey: Headline Facts

International Food Issues and Resources

The Meaning of Nutrition...

How Important is Food Texture?

Best Practices for Peer Reviewers...

Almost Half of the World's Food is Thrown Away...

Humans and Machines: On the Road to Avatars...

Endless Conversations...

The Evolution of Library Cataloguing

Interview with Professor Ruth K. Oniang'o, Executive Director, Rural Outreach Program, Nairobi, Kenya

Interview with John Ruff, Immediate Past President, IFT

Interview with Academic Librarians at the University of Reading

NASA, Food Safety, and Air Purification

NASA, Space, and Food Safety

Evaluating How Nutrition Can Optimise Immune Function

Brain Imaging to Show How Diet Affects Our Brain

Interview with Donald W. Schaffner, IAFP President and Professor at Rutgers University

Current and Future Strategies to Enhance Vitamin Content

Protein, Chicken, and Weight-Lifting...

Can Plant Science Help Alleviate Vitamin Deficiencies?

How to Tackle Information Overload

Food for Thought...

Food Vs. Fuel

Food for Africa

Sustainable Agriculture and Transgenic Crops

Food for Life

A Matter of Fats

Iceland’s Diet, Health Problems, and Solutions: Pt. 2

Iceland’s Diet, Health Problems, and Solutions: Pt. 1

Mood-Improving Foods

How Does Food Affect Mood?

How Food Impacts on Mental Health

Malaysia and Food Security

What Japan Can Learn from Ukraine: Fukushima Daiichi and Chernobyl

Nordic Diet Vs. Mediterranean Diet

European Concerns Over Chemicals in Foods

Italian Health Concerns

Brain Food

Ingredients We Unintentionally Eat

Farmers of the Future

Robot Farmers

Precision Farming

Farming in the Future

Insect Pollinators and Food Security

A US Librarian’s Worth

Collaboration Key to Putting Food on the Research Menu

Health Benefits of Salmon: Pt. 3

Interview with Dr Philip Nelson, 2007 World Food Prize Winner

Health Benefits of Salmon: Pt. 2

Health Benefits of Salmon: Pt. 1

Research to Safeguard the Future of Chocolate

From Textbook to Reality – Sharing Science in Africa

Vitamin E and Cancer

Copper Deficiency

Copper and the Human Body

Safeguarding Food Security - From Space

Did You Know...?

Does Changing Your Diet and Lifestyle Reduce the Risk of Cancer?

Interview with Dr Gunnar Sigge, Head of Department – Food Science, Stellenbosch University

Texture of Food – Focus on Tomatoes, Pt. 3

Texture of Food – Focus on Tomatoes, Pt. 2

Texture of Food – Focus on Tomatoes, Pt. 1

Is Food Packaging a Benefit to Society?

Food Production and the Evolution of Packaging

Food-Borne Botulism

The Commercial Importance of Food Packaging

Basic Functions and Definitions of Food Packaging

What is Food Packaging?

Worrying Food Consumption Patterns and Trends

How Do We Savour the Taste?

What is Food Quality?

The Colour of Our Food

Cereals: Importance and Composition

3 Key Indian Food Science Journals

How Dangerous is Acrylamide?

Food Labelling

Libraries, Ebooks, and Publishers – An Unhappy Union?

10 Biological Effects of Fluoride

The Rise of Food Science and Technology Studies in China

Is Fluoride Safe?

Libraries and Digital Content, Pt. 2

The Ongoing Vitamin D-bate

Libraries and Digital Content, Pt. 1

Vitamin D: Why and Where From?

The Role of Monosaccharides

Carbohydrates and Human Nutrition

Working with Research Content

Problems Using Research Content

Zinc and the Human Body

The Best Research Content is the Most Relevant


Researchers and Discovering Content

Caffeine: Is it Time to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee?

10 Trends Impacting Learning

12 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Images and Media Literacy

Overview of India’s Food Industry: Pt. 3

Overview of India’s Food Industry: Pt. 2

Overview of India’s Food Industry: Pt. 1

Does Content Still Rule?

Thinking of a Career in Food Science?

The Real Cost and Impact of Food Safety

Have High-Protein Diets Had Their Day?

Google and Deeper Web

Social Content Curation – A New Way of Thinking

American Dairy Research in 2011

Dieting and Healthy Eating Trends in 2012

Library 2.0, Social Media, and Information Professionals

Is Omega-3 a Fishy Functional Food?

Information Professionals Must Teach, Educate, and Instruct

Q. How to Take Nutrition Studies?                               A. With a Grain of Salt

The Loss of Google Advanced Search

Why Are Antioxidants and Functional Foods Important?

Food Science and Technology Information: How to Find It

Genetically Modified (GM) Crops and Potential Allergenicity

Ancient Grains

Spicing Things Up

Honey - The Bees Have Buzzed Off!

Dogs' Dinners and Cats' Cuisine

Sustainable Caviar Production

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