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Introducing Shira Rossiter, our new Marketing Executive

Posted by Rhianna Jones

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09-Oct-2017 13:00:00

Shira_Rossiter_2.jpgWe are very pleased to introduce you to Shira Rossiter. Shira joined our Sales and Marketing team as the new Marketing Executive in September 2017.

Tell us about your experience.
Alongside a 2015 Media degree from the University of Brighton, my previous experience includes designing and marketing a range of bespoke materials and documents for a catering company, effectively honing my understanding of nutrition and food standards.

I also hold professional qualifications and experience in Marketing, Graphic Design and Copywriting, within fashion companies, event magazines and record labels.

What appealed to you about joining IFIS?
One of the most exciting aspects of joining IFIS was their ethos as a not-for-profit charity. It was important to me that my professional role would be effectively helping people in need, through the research that IFIS catalyses.

Alongside this, the global reach that the company is actively accomplishing means there will be some brilliant opportunities to meet inspiring individuals from all sorts of cultural backgrounds.

What are you enjoying most in your role so far?
The atmosphere in the office is extremely positive. Based in a cosy and modern barn conversion, the team are close-knit and clearly passionate about their roles. I’m excited to get to know IFIS inside out, helping FSTA and Escalex to establish themselves as household names in food science and law.

How do you like to relax outside of work?
Outside of the office, my main hobbies are playing piano, singing and videography. I spend most weekends watching live music, visiting art galleries or taking my camera for walks. I also really enjoy travelling, trying new foods and drinking exotic spiced rum (or any rum).

On that final note, what is your favourite thing to cook?
My biggest crowd pleaser is gnocchi with parma ham and three cheese sauce. I team it with rocket and asparagus, but it’s still not exactly diet-friendly...

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