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Heavy Metals in the Food Chain: Could They Be Harming Your Health?

Posted by Naomi McGrath

14-Nov-2014 15:59:00

Heavy metals are natural components of the earth’s crust; however, certain activities of mankind, such as mining and smelting, have led to them becoming concentrated in the environment, in some areas reaching potentially harmful levels. Other sources such as vehicle emissions, industrial waste and fertilizers also contribute to the accumulation of heavy metals in the soil, atmosphere and surface water.

Heavy metals can be severely detrimental to the human body, having toxic and carcinogenic effects and causing the oxidative deterioration of biological macromolecules. The various metals have been implicated in the development of many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and several forms of cancer.

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Ingredients We Unintentionally Eat

Posted by Dave Howard

07-Mar-2013 11:55:00

Reading food labels is helpful for identifying what ingredients have gone into your food, determining the total fat content, total calories to be consumed etc. However there are some ingredients you won’t see listed on packages or food labels but which people unknowingly eat every day!


By and large, rice is seen as a pretty safe, healthy food; however, studies have suggested that it may also contain unsafe levels of the toxic substance arsenic. One study, conducted at The University of Aberdeen by Andrew Meharg, Professor of Biogeochemistry has suggested that one in five packs of American long-grain rice contain potentially harmful levels of the toxic substance, while others have reported concern for the levels of arsenic in rice milk and baby rice.

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