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Food Trends in India

Posted by Chris Cattini

02-Mar-2017 11:21:53

India is one of the key markets poised for future growth. If the country continues to develop at its current rate, it will become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2025.

The Indian consumer segment is dominated by a large urban mass, including both graduates and blue collar workers, and the country has one of the youngest populations in the world. More than 50% of the consumer base is less than 30 years old, including 440 millennials and 390 million members of generation Z (born after 2000). An increasing number of these young people have higher disposable incomes than their older counterparts and a greater tendency to spend their money rather than save it.

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3D Printing: Shaping the Future of Food

Posted by Naomi McGrath

05-Jan-2015 11:33:00

Imagine a world where you could have any food you liked in any shape you desired at the touch of a button. Rocket-shaped pasta? Easy. A bowl of dinosaur-shaped cereal? No problem. Or how about some chocolate, sculpted into an assortment of intricately shaped snowflakes? Well, with 3D food printing this could be a reality. And, as the technology has started to make some real progress in recent times, it could happen sooner than you might think. Its potential does not end at just printing individual foods like pasta and breakfast cereal, though. Scientists envision a future where entire meals could be printed using a 3D printer.

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Topics: texture, nutrition, 3D printing, protein, chocolate, environment and sustainability, flavour, nutrients, confectionery, sugar and substitutes

Research to Safeguard the Future of Chocolate

Posted by Dave Howard

03-Dec-2012 11:20:00

Pests and diseases already destroy about a third of potential cocoa production, and as the climate changes there will be a greater threat to future supplies of cocoa.

Cocoa production faces significant problems from increasing global temperatures and more varied rainfall. Using state-of-the-art greenhouses that can simulate current and predicted climate conditions in cocoa growing regions, researchers aim to help to develop new cocoa varieties better suited to likely future climates.

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Topics: agriculture, chocolate, environment and sustainability

Copper Deficiency

Posted by Dave Howard

23-Nov-2012 10:44:00

Copper deficiency is a very rare hematological and neurological disorder. The neurodegenerative syndrome of copper deficiency has been recognised for some time in ruminant animals, in which it is commonly known as ‘swayback’. The disease involves a nutritional deficiency in the trace element copper.  

Copper is pretty much everywhere and daily requirement is low, therefore making acquired copper deficiency very rare.

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Topics: copper, cereals, grains, nutrients, fruit, chocolate, immune system

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