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Colouring Foods – Naturally Brightening Up Food

Posted by Naomi McGrath

04-Aug-2015 09:33:00

The colour of a food product can have a big influence on how tempting we find it. Food manufacturers take great care in making sure the colour of their products just right. After all, selecting the perfect colour can help make a product stand out on the supermarket shelves, and if it stands out for the right reasons, it’s more likely to end up in a consumer’s shopping basket. Traditionally, artificial colorants have been the substances of choice for many manufacturers when adding colour to their products. But today, there is a bit of a revolution going on in the food industry.

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Topics: labelling, additives, colourants, food production, consumer behaviour

The Colour of Our Food

Posted by Dave Howard

25-Jun-2012 08:07:00

Colour is important to many foods, be they natural and unprocessed or completely manufactured. People associate certain colours with certain flavours, and the colour of food can influence the perceived flavour of anything from savoury snacks and sweet confectionary to crisp, dry white wine.

Sometimes the aim is to simulate and accentuate a colour that is perceived by the consumer as natural. For example, red colouring is added to glacé cherries which would otherwise be beige, but sometimes it is for gimmicky effect and impact, such as the green ketchup that Heinz launched in 2000.

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Topics: sensory perception, additives, colourants

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