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We Love Ready Meals … But What are They Doing to Our Health?

Posted by Tom Payne

09-Mar-2016 11:51:20

This post was originally published on The Conversation, and was written by Richard Hoffman, a lecturer in Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Hertfordshire.

Who doesn’t like a ready meal once in a while? People in the UK certainly do: consumption of ready meals and convenience meat products has increased five-fold over the last 40 years, according to the latest National Food Survey on UK food-buying habits. High levels of calories and fat in some of these products can be spotted on the label. But there are other concerns about the nutritional value of some ready meals – things you won’t find on the label.

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Topics: food quality, processed food, nutrients, retail and marketing, biochemistry, carbohydrates, dieting

Dieting: is it Really Worth the Sacrifice?

Posted by Chris Cattini

04-Feb-2016 14:22:21

Christmas is a distant memory. For some of us, the annual mission undertaken by chocolate, mince pies, brandy butter and yule log to convert themselves into excess body fat has been a success. Once again we find ourselves in post-yuletide gloom, with weight to lose and fitness to gain.

We all know that New Year resolutions are made to be broken. As the fireworks break out and we blow up what is definitely our last supersized bag of crisps of the season with a salty bang, it’s all too easy to go online and sign up to membership of the local gym. It’s also not that difficult to declare that alcohol will not touch our lips for the foreseeable future and filling up our supermarket trolleys with healthy stuff, including items disregarded in the approach to Christmas (and possibly at most other times of the year too), such as celery and low fat cottage cheese, requires little in the way of moral fibre when we’re still feeling bloated and slightly nauseous due to our recent excesses.

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Topics: omega-3, cancer, protein, cholesterol, diabetes, nutrients, obesity, cardiovascular health, carbohydrates, dieting, appetite and satiety, metabolism

What are the Superheroes of a Healthy Diet?

Posted by Jenny Arthur

07-Apr-2014 11:32:00

Post from guest blogger, Jenny Arthur BA (Hons) MSc RNutr, Nutrition and Marketing Consultant

There has been a lot in the press recently about how many portions of fruit and vegetables we really should be eating. The latest data shows just over 30% of adults are eating their 5 a day and amongst teenagers it’s only about 10%, in other words we could do better.

If there is one step you take towards making your diet healthier, make it fruit and veg as it’s a big step! Fruit and vegetables are the powerhouses of the diet, containing a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytonutrients which help to combat the onset of diseases like coronary heart disease and cancers and optimise health.

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Topics: nutrition, healthy eating, fibre, legumes, vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, dieting

What is the Best Diet for Losing Weight?

Posted by Jenny Arthur

01-Apr-2014 11:16:00

Post from guest blogger, Jenny Arthur BA (Hons) MSc RNutr, Nutrition and Marketing Consultant

Having spent the last week or so reading the plethora of diets to try for the New Year, some of which I was very pleased to see were based on sound scientific evidence I was still a bit confused and slightly overwhelmed! I was keen to find out what was the scientific evidence behind all the different diets.

Instead of spending weeks trying to piece the information together I headed into London last Wednesday to the British Nutrition Foundation’s half day symposium on 'Popular diets – what is the evidence?' They had a great line up of speakers covering all the different diets currently in vogue and some less in vogue. To find out the real facts about what is the best diet for losing weight. I had my suspicions but wanted to hear it from the experts in each of their fields.

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Topics: nutrition, protein, healthy eating, nutrients, fibre, carbohydrates, dieting

A Little Bit of What You Fancy...

Posted by Jenny Arthur

24-Feb-2014 08:34:00

Post from guest blogger, Jenny Arthur BA (Hons) MSc RNutr, Nutrition and Marketing Consultant

In the press this week Dr Carrie Ruxton, Dietitian and Health Writer has been advocating reducing portion sizes of treats like chocolate and confectionary instead of reformulating products. I must say I do agree with her. Who is going to indulge with a low fat chocolate bar, certainly not me! There is a lot of talk about portion size and is it the cause of the obesity crisis or the lack of physical activity?

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Topics: nutrition, saturated fat, healthy eating, obesity, dieting

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