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Food Trends in India

Posted by Chris Cattini

02-Mar-2017 11:21:53

India is one of the key markets poised for future growth. If the country continues to develop at its current rate, it will become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2025.

The Indian consumer segment is dominated by a large urban mass, including both graduates and blue collar workers, and the country has one of the youngest populations in the world. More than 50% of the consumer base is less than 30 years old, including 440 millennials and 390 million members of generation Z (born after 2000). An increasing number of these young people have higher disposable incomes than their older counterparts and a greater tendency to spend their money rather than save it.

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Foreign Bodies

Posted by Chris Cattini

06-Oct-2015 09:49:00

Contamination of foods by foreign matter other than microorganisms or chemicals is a continuing problem for the food industry. Metal, glass splinters and pieces of plastic are relatively common physical contaminants, but rubber, wood, hair, feathers, bone, whole insects or insect parts and carcasses of small animals, such as birds and mice, are also found. 

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The Hidden Threat in Plant Foods

Posted by Naomi McGrath

16-Feb-2015 13:42:00

Fresh fruit and vegetables form an essential part of a healthy diet. However, while they are undeniably good for us, their consumption may, on occasion, pose a risk to our health. The contamination of plant foods by bacteria tends to be less well known about than that of animal-derived foods, but is, nevertheless, a matter of great importance for food safety.

Bacterial contamination can affect a wide range of fruits, vegetables and other plant-derived foods, and several different species of bacteria may be responsible. Food recalls due to potential bacterial contamination have been issued for several different plant foods over the last few years, including watercress, freeze-dried sliced fruit and even a variety of herbs and spices, with Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella being some of the main culprits.

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International Food Issues and Resources

Posted by Dave Howard

09-Dec-2013 12:59:00

Nutrition and food safety are two vitally important issues that affect all of the world’s people. Many countries throughout the world are increasingly interdependent on the availability of their food supply and on its safety. As a result, communications about these issues are becoming truly global.

International aspects of nutrition and food safety

In less developed areas of the world, the assurance of an adequate food supply, the availability of sufficient nutrient density, and the prevention of foodborne illness can all be critical to the survival of large sections of the population.

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What is Food Quality?

Posted by Dave Howard

01-Jul-2012 09:00:00

Quality should make a product what it is; conforming to requirements or specification. In this context, quality may be defined in different ways depending on the interest of the manufacturers, or how they want to impress it upon their customers.

One difficulty in using this approach is that the definition of quality is neither precise nor consensual. Quality, much like terms such as effectiveness, satisfaction and leadership, are descriptors rather than concepts and no objective reference exists.

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