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Dieting and Healthy Eating Trends in 2012

Posted by Dave Howard

26-Jan-2012 09:32:00

It’s a well-known fact that poor diet and nutrition are major contributory risk factors for ill health.

Obesity is a significant health problem due to its association with serious chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), and hyperlipidaemia (high levels of fats in the blood that can lead to narrowing and blockages of blood vessels), which are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular related mortality.

Obesity is also associated with cancer, disability, reduced quality of life, and can lead to premature death.

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Topics: allergies and allergens, healthy eating, gluten free, diabetes, fruit, vegetables, obesity

Ancient Grains

Posted by Naomi McGrath

02-Nov-2011 15:13:00

Cereals such as wheat, rice and corn are an important part of the human diet worldwide. They are the most widely grown of all crops and are consumed frequently, either on their own or in products such as breakfast cereals, bread and pasta.

Yet more and more people are beginning to turn to alternative cereals, such as millet, sorghum and ancient wheat varieties, and pseudocereals, such as quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat, to supplement their diet. The increased interest in these products, commonly referred to as "ancient grains", is thought to be related to increasing consumer demand for healthier products and a growing awareness of the beneficial properties of whole grains.

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Topics: rice, cereals, healthy eating, coeliac, gluten free, intolerances, superfoods, grains, nutrients, functional foods

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