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Posted by Dave Howard

03-Apr-2012 09:35:00

The development and growth of the flavour industry

People are hugely influenced by their sense of taste and smell. Arguably, therefore, human history is closely tied to the development and usage of flavours.

In earlier times, only herbs and spices could be employed for seasoning purposes, whereas today a broad spectrum of flavourings are available; not only for use in people’s own kitchens, but also for the production of food on an industrial scale.


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Topics: nutrition, salt, herbs, spices, honey, nutrients, amino acids, sugar and substitutes

Spicing Things Up

Posted by Catherine Morgan

02-Nov-2011 13:11:00

Herbs and spices are used all over the world to add flavour, colour, fragrance and a little bit of "zing" to our foods. Without them, our meals might be bland and our palates disheartened. But the story doesn't end there.

Research suggests that as well as being able to boost flavour, several herbs and spices may even offer some benefits to our health, thus giving us more reason to sing the praises of these culinary delights.

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Topics: cancer, antioxidants, healthy eating, herbs, spices, cholesterol, diabetes, superfoods, cardiovascular health, functional foods

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