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Insights from the MSU Global Food Law Conference

Posted by Joanna Becker

15-Aug-2018 13:22:32

Our Regulations & Compliance Executive, Joanna Becker, attended the Michigan State University's Global Food Law Conference in June. The conference brought together thought leaders from across the food law world, providing a platform for sharing knowledge and information around current issues internationally. 

Presentations spanned a variety of innovative topics, from GM crop technology used in Sub-Saharan Africa to reduce vitamin deficiencies, to meat-free alternatives such as “bleeding” plant-based burgers.

The food community is vast and global, so conferences such as this are invaluable, allowing professionals to network, discuss and share experiences and knowledge with each other and ultimately impact and influence legislation for the better.

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Topics: zinc, milk and milk substitutes, food safety, labelling, genetic modification (GM), caffeine, food security, organic, animal welfare, nutrition, pet food, meat, vitamins and minerals, sugar and substitutes, food economics, Escalex, insect foods, novel foods, supplements

One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison

Posted by Chris Cattini

01-Jun-2015 12:08:00

Meat consumption trends

In recent years, consumers in western countries have reduced their meat intake, due largely to ethical, sustainability, health and religious issues. However, in 2014, global meat sales increased by 3%, reaching 225 million tonnes. This increase was fuelled by growing demand in developing markets. For example, meat intake in India has increased by almost 50% since 2009. Overall, poultry is the most popular meat, but consumer preference for particular types of meat varies between different countries. In China, sales of beef and veal have overtaken those of pork, whereas in Poland, consumption of pork is higher than that of beef or poultry.

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Topics: food safety, labelling, pet food, meat, regulations and guidance, contaminants, food fraud, environment and sustainability, analytical techniques, consumer behaviour, India

Pet Treats

Posted by Chris Cattini

01-Apr-2015 10:36:00

Owners have always given their pets treats. Traditionally, these were human foods – scraps dropped onto the floor at mealtimes, bones buried in gardens and strings of sausages stolen from butchers’ shops, at least in cartoons. I once saw a border collie wolf down an entire kilogram of Cheddar cheese that had been thrown out of a window during a drunken party – perhaps that was more gastrointestinal breeze block than treat, though -- I don’t know what happened to the dog afterwards.

Dog biscuits in various shapes and colours have been around for a long time, as have specially formulated chocolate drops that don’t contain theobromine, which is poisonous to dogs. But in recent times, commercial treats for cats and dogs have become increasingly popular.

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Topics: allergies and allergens, gluten free, pet food, diabetes, obesity, retail and marketing, vitamins and minerals, consumer behaviour

Dogs' Dinners and Cats' Cuisine

Posted by Chris Cattini

01-Nov-2011 10:47:00

Pet food is big business. Despite the economic downturn, global sales of cat and dog foods continue to grow.

The strength of the pet food market is not difficult to understand; almost 1 in 2 UK households includes a pet. UK dog and cat populations are estimated to be around 8 million each, and in the US, there are about 77.5 million pet dogs and 93.6 million pet cats.

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Topics: pet food

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