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Food Trends in India

Posted by Chris Cattini

02-Mar-2017 11:21:53

India is one of the key markets poised for future growth. If the country continues to develop at its current rate, it will become the world’s 5th largest economy by 2025.

The Indian consumer segment is dominated by a large urban mass, including both graduates and blue collar workers, and the country has one of the youngest populations in the world. More than 50% of the consumer base is less than 30 years old, including 440 millennials and 390 million members of generation Z (born after 2000). An increasing number of these young people have higher disposable incomes than their older counterparts and a greater tendency to spend their money rather than save it.

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5 Ways Librarians Can Use Social Media Effectively

Posted by Tom Payne

18-Apr-2016 10:00:00

Shhh… Socialise! This is a library!

As a librarian, using social media effectively can seem a real challenge. But with almost 1.8 billion social media users worldwide – approximately a quarter of our global population – social feeds offer a unique and valuable channel for university libraries to not only reach their users, but also expand their audience.

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Endless Conversations...

Posted by Dave Howard

11-Nov-2013 11:56:00

These days, wherever you look, everyone seems to be gazing at some kind of an handheld device. It’s now very easy to make trivial comments about trivial, however the future of technology and information is anything but trivial.

While we grapple with devices, interfaces and screens in our daily lives, the futurists tell us that we will be our technology, and information will be who we are and what it made us.

As the fast-paced technological changes take place - for example, the increasing the web of data and the seemingly endless social connections - the value of information as knowledge remains the core business of information professionals.

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Libraries, Ebooks, and Publishers – An Unhappy Union?

Posted by Dave Howard

28-May-2012 09:00:00

Ask anyone in the know and they will tell you that e-books are becoming an increasingly important part of publishers’ business. As such, libraries, booksellers and e-book orientated start-ups have built e-book lending programs aimed at providing remote customers who own e-readers a modern version of what they once could get only by visiting their local library.

While book industry players including AmazonPenguin Random HouseOverDrive and others grapple with rapidly changing e-reader and bookselling technologies, libraries are continuing to do what they have done for generations: provide their members with free access to information using the best technologies available to them.

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Libraries and Digital Content, Pt. 2

Posted by Dave Howard

14-May-2012 09:00:00

Many saw the advent of the Internet and particularly Web 2.0 as the death knell for libraries, however this is far from the case and it is plain to see that the modern library continues to be at the heart of a community because of digitisation.

Without trying to sound too sentimental, in addition to providing e-books, digital collections and online resources, libraries are helping keep memories alive. Personal collections and community history projects are all part of digitisation projects around the globe.

Libraries are also helping make available images and resources held in government departments, historical societies, museums, galleries, and by individuals. By digitising this content and constantly seeking to grow and expand their digital collections libraries are leading the way.

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